Shorter assignments sound easier to complete than longer ones. But a short research paper is more difficult than a research paper of normal length. There are a lot of factors which contribute to the difficulty in keeping a research paper short. Understanding the problem and its cause is the first step to solving it effectively. The introduction of a short research paper can be managed without much trouble as research paper introductions are short paragraphs anyway. But the trouble begins when you start framing the body paragraphs.

The first thing to know while preparing the body paragraphs of a short research paper is that the requirements remain the same as any other research papers. Keeping it short doesn’t mean summarizing the points. It is not about precise writing either. Precise writing is applicable only for the introduction and the conclusion. The body paragraphs will not work well with compressed points. There is a certain amount of elaboration that is necessary to present points in a research paper assignment. That cannot be compromised on. So the only way to keep it short without cutting down on the necessary points is to avoid unnecessary words.

Staying focused on the topic and the thesis are very important while preparing the body paragraphs of a short research paper. That will save you the necessity of having to use more space to get back to the main point. You cannot afford any kind of digressions in a short assignment. An outline is absolutely necessary to avoid accidental digressions. Digressions are a waste of space. It will also prove a waste of time towards the end when you will be forced to edit the document to fit it into the permitted number of pages.

Considering the fact that the space is restricted, your aim is to convey the point through minimum number of words. But that does not give you the liberty of leaving the reader confused about what you are talking about. Writing clearly and effectively without the use of unnecessary words is something you will have to learn while preparing a short research paper. The description, the arguments and the discussion should all be included in the body paragraphs. There is no way you can compromise on the quality of the presentation. You can, but, improve the quality and keep it short by avoiding irrelevant points and unnecessary words.

Organize the points well. Use separate paragraphs for each point. But if there are two points which are related or inter-linked, place them together in a paragraph. Scattered points will need to be connected while explaining in relation to each other. That will necessitate the usage of more words for the purpose of linking them together. Arrange the points in such a way that you will not have to waste space on phrases like “as mentioned earlier…” or “with relation to the point mentioned in the second paragraph”.

The body paragraphs take up majority of the portion of a research paper. Since short research papers have shorter deadlines, it is wiser not to leave much to be edited in the body paragraphs. To get an idea of how to arrange points effectively in the body paragraphs of a research paper, you must check out some research paper samples.