The conclusion of a writing assignment is the last paragraph which winds up the matter discussed in the assignment. It is as important a part of the research paper structure as is the introduction. The content of a research paper conclusion varies according to the type of assignment. But the basic structure of a conclusion remains the same. Writing a conclusion is not very difficult if you know what is expected in this paragraph. But when it comes to a short research paper conclusion, you are facing an additional challenge – cutting down on the length of a paragraph which is already short.

In a short research paper assignment, one of the main criteria is to keep the paper short. A research paper introduction and conclusion, being rather short in all assignments, will have to be proportionately shorter in a short assignment. But the trouble is that you cannot compromise on the matter included in any of the parts of the research paper structure even though it should be shorter than the conclusions of other research papers. To accomplish this task, you must first know what matter goes into a normal research paper conclusion and what the objective of a conclusion is. For the purpose, you must take a look at research paper samples to see how a good conclusion is framed.

A research paper conclusion must wind up the discussion effectively. Since the objective of a research paper is to prove the theory, the conclusion must declare your success in the task. This paragraph is where you will proclaim the transformation of your theory or view into an established fact with the support of the evidence you presented. Even though your short research paper conclusion would be a very short paragraph, it should satisfactorily fulfill all these purposes of a conclusion.

The first few lines of a research paper conclusion is supposed to summarize the main points in your research paper. This is one aspect which can be worked on, to prepare a conclusion which is short enough for your short research paper. While summarizing the points, keep in mind the objective of keeping the concluding paragraph short. Instead of summarizing all the points, choose such points which can stand on their own without the support of any other points. These few points you choose should be those which can also support your thesis effectively. One strong and prominent point will save you the trouble of having to compress three or four other points.

You can save space in a short research paper conclusion also by avoiding direct citations or quotes and the mention of your research paper sources. The thesis statement cannot be compromised on as it is the main part of the conclusion. But it need not be a problem as thesis statements are most precise in nature and do not require any kind of elaboration. But make the concluding line short and effective.

The instructor who is judging your short research paper would be aware of the space limitations so you will not have to worry about not elaborating too much in any of the structural parts of your research paper. What matters is how effectively you convey the matter within the limited space. Even though a short assignment is not like a summary or a research paper abstract, precise writing skills will definitely come in handy while handling such an assignment.