Poetry is one of the most prominent sections of English literature. There are many types of poetry. English literature students will be expected to study and know each of them thoroughly. Sonnet is a type of poetry which is well-known for its usage by, none other than the most famous poet of all times, William Shakespeare. There are certain things you should consider, when assigned to write a research paper on a sonnet by Shakespeare.

Shakespeare’s sonnets are very good examples of the particular type of poetry and the themes and story implicated in them have been constantly debated on. They are not only rich in content but also of such a beautiful style that no other poets have been able to match. When assigned to write a research paper on a sonnet by Shakespeare, the first task is to study the points given in the guidelines. Since there are so many angles to assignments on poetry, it is absolutely necessary to understand the given instructions.

If you have the freedom to choose any one of the sonnets by Shakespeare to write on, there are a few things you can consider before finalizing your choice. Remember to study, step by step:

• The basic facts about sonnets – Before starting to read through the work you have chosen, find out the basics on sonnets. If you do not know the specifications of sonnets you will not be able to appreciate the work enough to write an assignment on it.

• The unique features of Shakespeare’s sonnets – Shakespeare’s sonnets are quite unique and unless you know what is unique about them, you will not be able to follow it, enjoy it or write on it.

• The themes of Shakespeare’s sonnets – His sonnets are based on a variety of themes like love, time, deceit, fear, confusion, guilt and passion. Choose one which you can relate to and one which you can easily follow. If your assignment has come with a long enough deadline, you may even attempt one of the more complex ones from his works.

Being able to understand what you are reading is very important in order to prepare an interesting assignment on a literary work. Poetry is much more complex than prose which is why an assignment on a poem is much more difficult than one on a work of prose.

If poetry is complex, Shakespeare’s poetry is even more so. The main challenge while writing a research paper on one of the sonnets by Shakespeare is to interpret his words, the way he has meant it to be. He has a completely different way of dealing with words and once you figure that out, his works will be less challenging and more fascinating to research and write on.

Writing a research paper on a sonnet by Shakespeare can be easy enough if you follow these basic steps. Handling a research paper assignment need not be a dreaded task if you know how to go about them. Each type of writing assignment will have a different objective and for the same reason, the suitable method for each assignment will also be different. If you need any help with your research paper assignments, our writers will be able to assist you.