Understanding the standard research paper format

As research paper assignments are so common in academia, all students are expected to have a good grasp of the procedure. But considering that each research paper has a unique objective and different research requirements, it is not possible for anyone to learn all the clauses and conditions by heart. But having a good knowledge of the standard research paper format would be helpful while figuring out the specifications of the other assignments.

There are various aspects related to research papers which change with each assignment. The nature, the objective, the methodology, the tools etc are factors which come in the list. But there are also certain things which remain the same for all research papers. These can be put together as the standard research paper format. That would include:

• The title page: It is among the mandatory elements of a research paper. All research papers require a title page. But it must be formatted as per the rules of the prescribed style and the specific instructions in the guidelines regarding the title page. A perfectly presented title page can leave a very good first impression about a research paper.

• The introduction: Another mandatory element of a research paper, it is also one of the most important ones. An introduction to the topic which details on the background, nature and scope of the topic etc are mandatory elements of a research paper introduction. The last line of the introduction would state the hypothesis of the research paper.

• The research thesis statement: The thesis is the focal point of the research as well as the research paper document. Hence, this must be stated accurately and comprehensibly. It must be a single line, which would also be last line of the introduction, which states the theory which the research paper is based on.

Standard Research Paper Format• The body paragraphs: The guidelines sometimes contain instructions on the number of body paragraphs required. If not, the students will be expected to decide on the number of body paragraphs needed to put the point across effectively. The body paragraphs must transit from one to another smoothly and link the introduction to the conclusion using the thesis statement.

• The conclusion: A mandatory element of the standard research paper format, the conclusion concludes the discussion on the topic after summarizing the main points and re-instating the thesis. The thesis stated in the conclusion must perfectly match with that in the introduction. If the research revealed facts contradictory to that which was stated in the introduction, then the thesis statement of the introduction must be reframed to match the one in the conclusion.

• The bibliography: This section cites the sources used for the research and is the most important part of a research paper document. Omitting this section would end up in the student being accused of plagiarism. This must be formatted as per the style guidelines.

Those who have a good understanding of the standard research paper format would find it easy enough to follow the instructions given in the guidelines regarding the specific requirements of the assignment. If you are new to research paper writing and need more help in understanding the process, we can assist you. We have academic writers from all sectors of study, who have been assisting students with all their academic assignments over the years. We also offer custom research papers, prepared by highly experienced professional academic writers to students who wish to opt for it.