Understanding the steps in writing research papers

Research paper projects are very commonly assigned to students starting as early as middle school level. In the beginning students are given elaborate guidelines on how to go about preparing themselves and about what all is expected of their research paper. But as students advance in their academic levels, the guidelines of research projects become shorter, not because there are lesser conditions but because most of them are understood. Hence it is important that students learn the various steps in writing research papers and the elements which are necessary for it, while they are still at school.

Mastering the skill of research paper writing

Steps in Writing a Research PaperEven though it is simple enough to learn the important steps in writing research papers, most students choose not to bother with it. They do not realize that a thorough grasp of the fundamentals of research paper writing is necessary to be able to handle the numerous research-based projects they would have to work on, in academia. An idea of the important components of a research paper and the different steps, or stages, involved in research paper writing is necessary for all students alike. Good organizational skills are also necessary to be able to complete academic projects on time.

The most important research paper writing steps

Research paper writing is a procedure with a very strong focus which will have to be maintained throughout. And for the purpose of being able to focus on your objective and work through the project effortlessly, you will have to work on your project in a systematic manner. By moving through the basic steps in writing a research paper in a strictly organized way, you would be able to complete your project on time, without much difficulty. Listed below is a schedule which will work for almost all projects.

1) Choosing the topic and thesis: The topic of your research paper would be the research problem you are addressing. Hence, the first step of research paper writing is that of finding a suitable topic. Once you have finalized the topic, your next task would be to brainstorm for the thesis of your paper. The thesis would be the theory you form on your topic or the solution you suggest for the research problem.

2) Identifying the methodology and sources: Only the most appropriate research methodology would yield the best results. It is also important to identify strong and credible sources to guide you through your research and support your argument.

3) Scheduling and conducting the research: Once you have finalized the above elements, you can now prepare a time-sheet with respect to the availability of research tools and sources. Try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Do not give in to procrastination.

4) Outlining, drafting and editing: The final and most difficult part of a research project is that of writing out the paper. The use of an outline can simplify research paper writing to a great extent. After you complete your research, outline the points, develop them into a rough draft and edit, format and proofread the paper to prepare the final draft. If you are not sure of how to present your paper, refer to some good research paper examples.

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