Ten simple steps to writing research papers

Writing a research paper is not as difficult as it has been projected to be. Even though it cannot be counted as an easy assignment, there are many ways of working around the more difficult stages of research paper writing. You just need to know what you need to do and how to do it well. There are various stages or steps to writing a research paper. By organizing those stages, and allotting the necessary amount of time for each, you will be able to manage the task of writing a research paper without much trouble.

Understanding the purpose of a research paper

steps to writing a research paperA research based assignment is different from other types of assignments like essays and book reports. A research paper looks into the deeper aspects of the topic to discover the unknown or to find the solution to a problem. Research papers take longer to complete than the other types of assignments as it involves various stages of researching and writing. You might know the definition of research paper but that will not help you much in preparing if you do not know of the nature of the project and the various steps to writing research papers.

Each project comes with its own specifications. For the same reason, nobody can lay out a schedule for you without seeing your project guidelines. But there are certain factors which are the same in all research paper projects. The important steps to writing a research paper, when skillfully organized and planned, will ensure that all the tasks are covered well within the deadline.

1. Studying the guidelines. This will help you assess the difficulty of the task in hand.

2. Choosing the topic. A topic which appeals to you and which you can handle within the deadline would be ideal.

3. Finding a thesis. An authentic thesis with good practical value would help you in capturing the attention of the audience.

4. Identifying sources. Credible sources will add authority to your argument or theory. But ascertain the availability and accessibility to the sources, in advance.

5. Gathering the research materials. If you need any specific tools, instruments or raw materials for research, you will need to put them together before you start the research, to avoid unwanted delays.

6. Scheduling the research. Prepare the time sheet with respect to the deadline and your familiarity with the topic.

7. Conducting the research. Try to stick to the schedule. Do not give in to procrastination.

8. Outlining the research paper. Do not omit the outline at any cost as it plays a big part in preparing an impressive paper.

9. Developing the rough draft. Try to do this with reference to the page limit so that the editing task will become lighter.

10. Formatting, editing and proofreading the paper. Once these tasks are done, you will have the final copy in your hand.

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