How to Frame Sentences Effectively

Good writing skills are necessary to handle academic writing assignments. Knowing everything about your subject will not help you when it comes to academic assignments, if you are not good with words. You should be able to convey your ideas in flawless language, using the right words, if you want to create a good impression.

There is no specific age to master the art of writing. You can start at any point of your life if you are willing to put in the necessary effort. Since the ability to write well is absolutely necessary to score good grades in your academic projects, it is better to start off as early as you can. In order to be able to develop good writing skills, you should know the basics of writing.

Academic writing is all about expressing what you know. Whether it is a science subject or an art subject, writing will always be the medium to project your theoretical knowledge of the subject. Hence it is very important that the words you use are able to convey what you want to say, effectively. A lot of things contribute to a well-written research paper or essay.

Structure or syntax is the most important component of any written language. Without a proper structure, your sentences will not make any sense to the reader. So, the first step to learning how to write well is to learn and understand how to frame a sentence. The types of sentences have been divided into four, according to the structure:

• Simple sentence – one independent clause
Eg: Anna likes comics.

• Compound sentence – two independent clauses joined by a conjunction
Eg: Anna likes comics but her sister likes thrillers.

• Complex sentence – one independent clause and a dependent clause
Eg: Even though Anna likes comics, her sister likes thrillers.

• Compound – complex sentence – two independent clauses, one or two dependent clauses
Eg: Anna likes comics because it makes her laugh but her sister likes thrillers.

Each of these has a different structure, the simplest being that of the ‘simple sentence’ and the most complex one being that of the ‘compound- complex sentence’. Once you learn how to frame these sentences, then you can consider the toughest part done.

An interesting essay, research paper or term paper should have a balance of all the above mentioned structures. Too many simple sentences will make you look like a beginner and too many complex or compound-complex sentences can make your writing tough to follow. Compound-complex sentences, unless crafted wisely, can be confusing and sometimes misleading to the reader. If you wish to include them in your writing, keep the sentences short. Long sentences are neither easy to follow nor interesting to read.

To be precise, good writing skills are not about using extremely complex writing tactics but it is all about being able to effectively convey what you wish to say in simple sentences. And once you accomplish the task, of learning to frame well-structured sentences, you can consider yourself very close to mastering the art of writing.