How to approach teenage pregnancy research papers

Teenage pregnancy is a growing concern for people in many countries. Some girls fall prey to crime whereas some others end up with teenage pregnancies out of sheer callousness. The various aspects related to the issue, like the causes, the risks etc have been studied and many possible solutions have been researched on. As nothing has helped in bringing the issue under control, the topic still remains highly in demand in the research field. You would be able to entertain your audience and enjoy the work yourself, if you manage to find a good topic for your teenage pregnancy research paper.

Examples of topics for research papers on teenage pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Research PaperThere are numerous issues which can be addressed in teenage pregnancy research papers. But, keep in mind that the suitability of the topic depends on various factors which includes the objective of the assignment and the project guidelines. And, as it is an issue which is studied from various angles, you will also need to ensure that the topic you choose falls within the realms of your subject. Listed below are some examples of the topics you can consider for a research paper on teenage pregnancy.

1. A big percentage of teenage pregnancies occur due to unprotected pre-marital sex. Even though there have been wide-spread awareness about the risks involved in teenage sex, there are many girls who don’t take it seriously enough. You can choose to do a qualitative study of why girls still get themselves involved in pre-marital physical relationships, knowing that their partners won’t suffer the consequences but they would.

2. There are also cases where innocent girls are victimized. Some girls are sexually abused by their own relatives where as some others fall up having unprotected sex after they get drunk in parties. You can choose it as your topic as to how girls can ensure that they don’t get sexually abused without their complete and conscious consent.

3. Teenage pregnancy can affect the health of a girl adversely. It can lead to many complications before, during and after the delivery. You can choose to study the health hazards related to teenage pregnancy, for your teenage pregnancy research paper.

4. Society looks down upon girls who become subject to pre-marital pregnancy. They suffer social discrimination irrespective of whether the pregnancy resulted from consensual sex or rape. It makes it impossible for them to provide a healthy social environment for the growth of their child as well. You can study the situation to either analyze it or to find a solution.

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