What to know while preparing title pages for research papers

Research paper projects are considered as the most demanding of all academic assignments. The task of preparing an impressive research paper is indeed difficult because every part of the document holds equal significance and hence, must be prepared carefully. Unfortunately, even though students prepare the complex parts of their research papers with care, they don’t pay enough attention while preparing the title pages for research papers. But the title page, even though one of the simplest of the research paper components, is one of the most prominent ones.

Formatting the title page of a research paper

Title Page for Research PaperThe main thing to remember, while preparing the title page for research paper or any other part of the research paper document, is that the project guidelines are to be followed to the finest detail. Even though the documentation formats have their own rules regarding the formatting of the title page, teachers often ask for certain specific alterations regarding the presentation. For example, the basic MLA format title page is a part of the first page of a research paper. But sometimes the project guidelines ask for separate title pages to be presented. You will find that, even though MLA style does not encourage the title page to be separated, there is an option of formatting the title page separately also. Your task is to format your research paper title page with due respect to the project guidelines as well as the style rules.

The main points to be included, in the title pages for research papers, can be listed as follows:

• The title: Try to find a title which does not just repeat what your audience already knows but tells them what they want to know about your paper. For example, a title which begins with ‘an in-depth study of…’ or ‘a research into…’ would not qualify as impressive. Anybody who knows the definition of research paper would know that your paper is an in-depth study into the topic. What they expect to learn, from your title, is the topic of discussion and the focus of your research.

• The name of the author and the teacher: You must present your complete name on the title page of your research paper. You must also mention the name of your professor and organize them on the title page as per the method suggested by the manual of the style you are using.

• The course title and the date: These two points are also to be included in the research paper as it matters a lot as to which course you are presenting it for and on which date you are presenting it.

In APA format papers, you will also need to include a running head on the title page. The running head is a part of the title which makes complete sense. Check out some APA format example papers to get a better grasp of the running head.

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