The importance of choosing a good topic for a research paper

Research paper guidelines are of varied nature. It mostly depends on the level of education and the kind of project assigned. The liberty students get with the choice of topic for a research paper depends on their instructor. Sometimes they get complete liberty to choose their topic; sometimes they are asked to choose a topic as per the given instructions and some other times, they are asked to pick one from a list of topics suggested by their instructor. Each of these options can work for you, if you know how to make the best of it.

Making the best of the option when you have a pre-assigned topic

It is true that a pre-assigned topic leaves you with no option but to research on it, whether you are familiar with the topic or not. But then your instructor knows the best. If you were not capable of handling the topic, you would not have been asked to work on it. There are also some advantages when the topic is pre-assigned.

Topics for a Research Paper• It saves you the time you would otherwise spend searching for a topic.
• You will not need to worry about someone else coming up with a more interesting topic.
• There will be no worries regarding the suitability of the topic you choose.

When your instructor sets the topics for a research paper project, you can use the saved time – which you would otherwise have been spending searching for a topic – for other purposes.

Making the best of the option of choosing your own topic

Most students are not sure of how to go about it when they are allowed to choose a topic on their own. When you are given full or partial liberty with the choice of topic for a research paper assignment, you can follow a few simple steps to make sure that you find a good and suitable topic, without wasting too much time over it.

– Study the topic guidelines. Note down the specifications set for the topic.
– Consider which all specific areas within the subject interests you. Focus your search on that area.
– Short list a few topics which are familiar to you and which interests you.
– From the short list, keep cutting out those which:

o Does not suit all the topic guidelines of your project.
o Does not have good sources which are easily available and accessible.
o May not interest your audience or suit their intellectual level.
o You are not sure of being able to handle within the given deadline.

– Choose any one of the topic which remain after you have removed the less suitable ones.

You must not spend too much time looking around for topics for a research paper; you will most certainly find better uses for your time as you proceed with your project. If you are new to research paper writing and is just at the stage of learning the research paper definition, it might look like an impossible task to find a good topic on your own. If you need any kind of help with the choice of a topic, you may let us know. We offer students help with all their issues related to research paper writing starting from that of finding good research proposal titles to that of preparing an effective research paper conclusion. We also offer custom research papers in all subjects and levels.