Interesting angles to a topic for research paper

Most students find it difficult to decide on what topic to use for their research papers. There are various aspects which form the criteria of a good topic. The originality of the topic is one of the main decisive factors of an interesting topic. The originality of the topic also depends on the view you are taking. Even a much used topic can be freshened up with a perspective which was never considered before. But the main criteria is that your topic should suit the guidelines of the project. Hence, while choosing a topic for research paper, you must consider the suitability of your choice of topic.

Here are some simple topics on which you should be able to discover interesting angles:

Literature: In literature, any topic can be interesting if the author of research paper possesses good writing skills.

• An in-depth study of a rather inconspicuous character in a play by Shakespeare. In almost all Shakespeare plays, even the characters with the shortest time on stage have some major role, direct or indirect, to play in the plot. So you will be able to find excellent methods of highlighting their roles.

• An autobiographical research paper on an enlightening or shocking experience you had in your life. Autobiographies, when written well, make interesting topics for research paper assignments in literature.

History: There is no dearth of topics for research paper projects in History but not all of them are very easy to handle.

• The history of a particular nation.
• The political history of a country.
• A comparison of the ancient and medieval history of a country.
• Revolutions – causes and after effects.
• World war related topics.
• The Holocaust

Business and marketing:

• Reviving a brand which died off in the first attempt.
• Developing the image of one brand through an existing positive brand image in another business field.
• Improving communication between different levels of employees.
• Effective management in public finance sector.


• The relation between sociology and psychology.
• Criminal psychology and the best ways to deal with it.
• The psychological impact of rape on the victim and her family members.


• Positive and negative aspects of accommodating children with special needs in normal educational institutions and innovative ideas on accomplishing the task.
• Methods of improving student-teacher relationships, paving the path for better and faster educational methods.
• The feasibility of globalizing the medium of teaching.


• Your perspective on the intensity of punishment given to rapists.
• A report on whether the trial rooms are as traumatizing for the victims as it is for the convicts.
• The loopholes in a particular criminal law and effective methods of closing them.

You can find very good topics for research in all subjects. But always check the availability of the topic before you choose it. If you need help with finding a topic for research paper or with completing the assignment, we can help you. We can prepare a custom research paper for you with due respect to all the specific requirements of your assignments.