Dos and don’ts of choosing a topic for research paper

One of the main reasons why students find research paper assignments difficult is because they do not pay attention to certain basic elements of research paper writing. It is when the base is not strong or suitable that the rest of the process becomes difficult and frustrating. Out of the basic and most important elements of a research paper, the main one is the topic. As it is what your research paper would be based on, you need to be very careful with your choice of topics for research paper.

There are many things which you must do and many others which you must not do while you choose your research paper topic.

The Dos

In order to find the most suitable research paper topic, do:

1. Study the guidelines. Pay attention to the fine clauses regarding the choice of topic.
2. Make sure that the topic you choose suits the objective of the assignment.
3. Choose a familiar topic, if you can find one which suits your guidelines.
4. Pick one which can be handled within the deadline. A missed deadline would create a very negative impression.
5. Find such a topic for research paper which offers good sources for reference, to which you have easy access.
6. Find a topic which would suit the comprehension level of your audience.

The don’ts

topics for research paperThere are certain things which you must not do if you don’t want to end up frustrated about your assignment. To make sure that you have got an appropriate one, you must never:

1. Ignore any of the instructions in the guidelines, even if it sounds insignificant to you.
2. Compromise on the topics for research papers just because you have no time to spare to search for it.
3. Pick a topic which is completely new to you unless the deadline is long enough to give you time to learn about it.
4. Go for one which needs lengthier research procedures. You must keep aside enough time to develop the points also.
5. Choose one which has been drained of all interesting theses. Poor theses can ruin the appeal of even the most interesting research paper topic.
6. Choose the topic without checking if there are relevant and credible sources which can be accessed easily.

Research paper writing need not be such a stressful assignment if you take some effort to put the basic factors together in the correct manner. A good and appropriate choice of topic will bring down the stress of the research and the writing process to a great extent. It might be time consuming to look around for the best research paper topic. But your time and efforts towards it would be worth it as it would make the rest of the process much easier and simpler.

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