Tips on finding good topics for a research paper

Some research paper assignments come with a pre-assigned topic or a few options to choose from. But there are also assignments which leave the job to the student by instructing them to find a topic themselves. Both ways come with their own positive and negative factors. Pre-assigned topics for a research paper assignment will save you the time you would spend looking for a topic but leave you stuck with topics which might be unfamiliar to you. On the other hand, the liberty to choose your topic would give you a chance to pick a topic which appeals to you, even though it would be time-consuming. It would involve some research, short-listing and finalizing of the topic.

Short-listing topics for research papers is a rather confusing task. There are many aspects you will need to consider while short-listing topics as well as while closing in on a topic from the short-listed ones.

• Study the instructions given in the guidelines regarding the choice of topic. A topic which doesn’t suit the guidelines can risk your submission getting rejected.
• Consider the objective of the given assignment.
• Consider if the topic is well within the limits of the subject area of study or research.
• Consider the deadline to choose one that can be handled within the given time.
• Consider you interest in the topic. Your topic must be one that can hold your interest throughout the long process.
• Ensure availability of credible sources on the topic and your accessibility to them.
• Consider how much you already know and how much you will need to find out.
• Try to find a topic that is original enough to generate interest in the audience. The interest of your reader can highly influence the grades you get.
• Think of what interesting angle you can give to the topic. A topic, of which all the interesting angles have been explored before, may not be of much use to you.

Once you have checked these aspects, you will be able to choose good topics for research papers, which would appeal to you as well as the readers. It is important that each of these aspects have been carefully evaluated and analyzed before you finalize your topic. A wrong choice can make the rather long process, of research paper writing, a harrowing and frustrating experience for you. Once you get the assignment guidelines, try to choose your topic at the earliest. Do not waste time before you have chosen your topic because you may never know how long it would take you to find a topic that suits you and your guidelines alike.

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