One of the most important tasks related to research paper writing is that of choosing a topic. There are instances where you will be given a topic and the guidelines will see to all aspects of the research paper. In that case you won’t have any option but to go along with it and do as directed. But in most cases, you will be given the option of choosing the topic for your research paper; a topic which comes within the limits of the given subject or genre.

In that case, you will be at liberty to choose something that suits you and you should make the best of it. Unless it is a wise and well thought out decision, you will end up among those who consider research paper writing a dreadful exercise, without realizing that half the trouble was caused due to your own misjudgement. So it is every bit worthwhile to spend some time and effort on choosing a topic for your research paper.

While at the task, make a list of things you wish to consider about the topic you are about to choose. You should make sure to check whether:

• You have enough basic knowledge on the topic to build your paper on it.
• You have enough time to collect the necessary amount information to fill the given number of pages.
• You have access to the relevant research material.
• It is a topic you would enjoy researching.
• The topic you have chosen fits well enough into the subject, category or genre in question.
• It is a topic on which you can manage to stir up an interesting discussion.

These are the main facts you should check because each one is equally important.

Basic knowledge of a subject is absolutely necessary for you to even start off on your research. Without it you will be completely lost as to where to start and where to proceed while doing the research. It will not only waste your precious time but there is also the possibility of you ending up in the wrong line of research due to your ignorance on the topic.

Deadline is the most importance factor among the guidelines of a research paper. Most research papers come with strict deadlines which cannot be extended. So you have to choose a topic on which information can be collected and put together and presented within the deadline.

Having access to the research material is also very important, because without it you will not be able to complete your research. Your interest in the topic also matters because research paper writing is a process which can go on for a long period and if it is a topic which you have no particular interest in, then you might get too bored with it to complete it successfully. And unless you are interested in the topic, you will not be able to generate interest in those who are reading it.

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