Writing a thesis is a long procedure which passes through many phases. The final result will be a report which will present an argument and prove it with relevant evidence. The final report is expected to have a specific structure which will be legible and easily decipherable to the audience. This structure and its content vary according to the different genres of research papers. One of the many parts of the research paper structure is a thesis statement.

It comes towards the beginning of the research paper, as a part of the introduction. A thesis statement is, as the name suggests, stating what you will be discussing in your thesis. It should never be the opening line. The opening line will serve the purpose of giving the audience a general idea of the topic you are about to discuss. After giving an overview of the topic, you can add your thesis statement to the introductory paragraph itself.

It should be very brief and should give the readers or the audience, a clear idea of what to expect in your thesis report. But since the introduction can’t be too long, keep your thesis statement as short as possible.

You should write the thesis statement according to the type of research paper you have undertaken. As you know, there are many types of research papers. Analytical research paper, argumentative research paper, expository research paper and narrative research paper are just some of them. If it is an analytical research paper, you can give a brief idea of your analysis as the statement. If it is an argumentative research paper, it should involve the point of your argument.

There is no need to get into any kind of detail, in your thesis statement, as you will be discussing it in the paragraphs which follow and it will sound repetitive if you have just given away the details in the thesis statement.

After you are through with your thesis writing, it is important to go back once again to the thesis statement and see if it tallies with the rest of the paper. You have to prove what you state in the thesis statement. So if you have accidentally digressed off, it is necessary to either adjust the content to suit the thesis statement or to change the statement according to the final draft.

While at it, you can also check if your statement has become a bit too elaborate or too short to be useful. Keep it in mind that this part of the research paper or thesis report is supposed to announce the purpose of the document. So you can neither afford to leave it too short, nor can you afford to let it be too long.

It will be helpful to take a look at some samples, if you have any doubts regarding what the thesis statement should be like. You can also take advice from those who know about it. Always remember that you cannot afford to take a chance with this part of your research paper.