Identifying the right type of research method for your project

Research paper projects come with their own unique objectives. In order to fulfill those objectives, the most appropriate methodology must be used for the research on your topic. A wrong choice of research methodology will not only waste your precious time but it will also not give the expected result. There are various types of research methodologies used for academic projects. Only if you know how each of them works, will you be able to choose the right one for your research.

The most commonly used methodologies

The definition of research paper methodology would tell you that it is the experiment procedure or method of study you conduct for the purpose of taking your research to its conclusion. And that is, indeed, what research methodology is all about. There are two commonly used research methodologies.

• The qualitative methodology: This is the study conducted among people using tools such as interviews, group discussions, surveys and so on. Qualitative methods are mostly used for researches in social sciences where your subjects form the base of your study. It doesn’t usually work for math, physics or chemistry research paper topics or other scientific disciplines. Qualitative type of research yields the best results in cases where public opinion matters in the form of information or evidence. The results of a qualitative study cannot be presumed. The result depends on the data gathered from the investigation. Hence, it is more appropriate for analytical studies than argumentative researches.

• The quantitatiTypes of Researchve methodology: This method is highly preferred even for the presentation of research papers which were prepared using quantitative methods. The quantitative study follows a more systematic pattern organizes the data into graphs or tables for the purpose of projecting a particular result. Hence, it is highly preferred for the research and presentation of science and math topics. Quantitative study works towards achieving a particular result. This end result would be pre-determined by the researcher. The data gathered through quantitative study will be sorted and classified in such a way that it would prove the thesis. This method works well for argumentative topics in all subjects as arguments are usually pre-conceived theories which are to be proved with strong evidence.

You will also come across other methodologies like action methodology, comparative study and so on. But as those work only for specific types of research papers, students mostly find themselves choosing between the qualitative and quantitative methods or a combination of both. Except in few cases, project guidelines do not insist on any particular methodology. As long as the research yields the expected results, the choice of methodology does not matter. But if your project guidelines specify the use of a particular methodology, you must stick to it as it would have been set for a specific purpose.

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