Understanding the specifications of each type of research paper project

Research paper projects come with various specifications. The project guidelines will tell you all about the various requirements of the project. The objective of the research project is among those aspects which need to be remembered throughout while working on it. Research papers are of many types. Starting from the choice of topic to that of the methodology and presentation methods, everything depends on the type of research paper you are preparing.

The various types of research papers and their specifications

Only if you know the objective of an assignment, will you be able to choose good research topics for that project and find the most appropriate methodology for research and presentation of your paper. The term which has been given to each type of paper is what gives you an idea of its purpose, or objective.

Types of Research Papers• Argumentative research papers: Places an argument upon a topic and proves it beyond doubt. The topic must be one which has the potential to attract counter opinions.

• Analytical research papers: Analyzes a topic and presents the analytical report. Any topic can be used as long as your analytical report is not the same as an existing one.

• Controversial research papers: Takes a stand on a controversy and proves that stand with strong evidence. Do not take a stand which you cannot prove effectively, even if you know it to be the right one.

• Critical analysis research papers: Analyzes a topic through a critical point of view. Different from analytical research papers simply for the fact that the perspective of study would be critical in this type of research paper.

• Descriptive research papers: Describes the nature and attributes of the topic. Comparatively easier, a descriptive research helps students in acquiring a deeper knowledge of the topic.

• Expository research papers: Very similar to descriptive research papers; but focuses on the unknown aspects of the topic. Exposes the hidden or unexposed features of the topic in question.

• Opinion research papers: Presents an opinion and justifies it. Please note that you are not asked to prove it as it is just an opinion that you are presenting. But remember to justify it enough to make it a worthy opinion.

• Exploratory research papers: Explores the topic into much deeper realms than has been explored before. Exploratory papers do not always ask for intellectual contribution from the students’ part. You can easily make do with the information collected from sources while preparing an exploratory paper.

• Definition research papers: Defines the topic in question and justifies the definition. Do not mistake this type of paper as of descriptive nature. A definition is put together with respect to the basic attributes of a topic whereas a description touches all the general aspects of the topic.

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