An answer to ‘What are good topics for research papers?’

The choice of a research paper topic is something that can influence your research paper, to a considerable extent. The topic forms the base of the research paper. If you choose a good topic for a research paper assignment, you will not only enjoy the research process, but you will also be able to capture attention of the audience without much trouble. But for being able to spot the most suitable topic for your project, you must first know the answer to ‘what are good topics for research papers?’. Whether you are looking for arts topics or chemistry research paper topics, there are various aspects to be learned about what makes a topic suitable for a project

What are good topics for research papers?

The first point to note is that not all good research paper topics are suitable for all assignments alike. Some topics, even though extremely interesting, will not fit into your assignment guidelines. You can say that a good topic which is suitable for the assignment is the perfect choice. So, let us try to figure out ‘what is a good topic for a research paper?’. A good and suitable topic for a research paper assignment is that which:

What is a Good Topic for a Research Paper?• Fits perfectly into all the guideline instructions regarding the topic.
• Is of a perspective that belongs to the right subject area of research.
• Has a high scope in the respective subject area.
• Is one for which no perfect solution has been found yet.
• Has excellent sources, which are also easily accessible, for reference.
• Can be handled well, within the given time span.
• Is familiar enough, to you, to make your research process enjoyable and stress-free.
• Is of the same intellectual level as that of your proposed audience.
• Is narrow enough to give you a good focal point to concentrate on.
• Can offer material to fill the minimum number of pages.
• Can hold your interest through the long research process.

In order to find a topic which fits into so many clauses, you can use the method of deduction whereby you short-list a few topics first and cut off those which does not fit into each of these aspects. That way, you will be left with the most suitable topic for your project. And once you find the best topic, then preparing an impressive research paper would be easy enough.

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