Finding out the answer to ‘What are good topics for research papers’

Most students are familiar with the definition of research paper and aware of the fact that only a good topic can form the base of an interesting research paper. But what are good topics for research papers? Not many students manage to answer that question satisfactorily. And that is often the reason why teachers feel disappointed while going through the research paper submissions. Understanding the fundamentals of a concept is extremely necessary for the purpose of being able to apply it effectively.

Defining a good research paper topic

There are so many good topics which are listed for research. Whether you are in search of history topics or math research topics or yet chemistry research paper topics, you will be facing a huge array of options. Are all of them good for research? If not, then what is a good topic for a research paper project? How do you identify the best one for you? A good topic is:

What is a Good Topic for a Research Paper?1. One which fits into all the specifications given in the guidelines. Look for instructions regarding the limitations on your choice of topic.

2. A research problem with high scope in the subject area of research. Beware of topics which are outdated and no more relevant. There are many topics which were highly in demand at some point but have lost its scope due to fresh problems which have replaced the old ones.

3. One which will be able to fulfill the objective of the assignment. For example, an argumentative paper must have a topic which can give rise to opposing views and a controversial paper must be prepared on a topic which has been debated on, by the public, over a reasonably long period.

4. One which appeals to you and which will be able to hold your interest through the tedious research process. If you lose interest in the topic half-way through the research, you will find it very difficult to complete your study successfully.

5. That which is familiar enough to you to start off the study efficiently. If you pick a topic which is completely new to you, it will be difficult to figure out where to start and how to proceed.

6. One which can be handled well within the given time limit. Some topics require extensive research. Qualitative and action research methods usually take longer to complete.

7. One which offers credible sources for research, which are easily accessible to you. The most credible sources are often the most difficult ones to be accessed.

8. One which belongs to the correct subject area. Your audience will be disappointed if your topic addresses a problem which belongs to another subject area.

Your trouble does not end with finding out the answer to ‘What are good topics for research papers’. You will also need to figure out the best method to deal with your topic once you have spotted the best one.

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