An answer to ‘what are research paper outlines?

Many students often wonder ‘what are research paper outlines and why is it important to use outlines for research papers?’. But unfortunately, they never bother to find an answer to that question. The simplest answer to the question would be that ‘a research paper outline is the frame of a research paper’. But that statement alone does not justify this wonderful and most useful tool for research paper writing.

Understanding research paper outlines

Research paper outlines assist you in preparing good research papers. But what is a research paper outline and how is it prepared? First we must look at what an outline is and what its purposes are. A research paper or term paper outline:

what is a research paper outline

  • Is the most useful tool for research paper writing. It simplifies the process to a great extent.
  • Is the framework of a research paper which helps you organize your points effectively.
  • Gives you an overview of the points collected towards the project.
  • Helps you spot the irrelevant points, which has accidentally got in, easily.
  • Sets the boundary for the discussion, saving you from accidental digressions.
  • Helps you in getting a good idea of how much you need to elaborate on each of the points to met the page limit.

Preparing a research paper outline

Your job will not be over by figuring out the answer to ‘what is a research paper outline?’. You will also need to figure out how to prepare it. An outline is most effective when prepared in a systematic way.

  • Find a suitable outline format. There are many formats which are used for preparing research paper outlines. But unlike the research paper documentation formats which are to be followed as per the project guidelines, you have complete liberty with the choice of your research paper outline format. You may choose to prepare your outline based on the structural components or the structural elements of a research paper.
  • Prepare a research paper outline worksheet. Identify the sections and sub sections you wish to use in your outline. This must be determined with due respect to your understanding of the format.
  • Spot the key points of your research paper before starting to fill the worksheet. Find the focal point of your research. Define your research problem.
  • Sort the points into each of the sections and sub sections of your research paper outline. While at it, make sure that the points are placed in such a way that the most relevant ones occupy the most prominent positions and the less relevant ones are placed where they would be supported by the stronger ones.

This would have given you an idea of ‘what are research paper outlines?’. But remember that only a good outline will give you the desired results. If you are not sure of how to go about it, then you may consider getting professional help with the same. We have professional academic writers who are highly experienced in the academic style of writing and the specifications of academic research outlines. They will be able to prepare the most effective outline for you. We also offer custom research papers and term papers in all subjects, prepared to suit the specific requirements of each project.

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