A step-by-step guide to writing research papers

Learning the skill of writing a research paper may not prove to be much of a solution to your academic writing blues. There is much more to efficient research paper writing than just doing research on a topic and putting the data together to form a paper. Since you will be handling numerous research paper assignments, it is better that you learn how to handle research based projects in an organized manner in order to ensure a stress-free research procedure and easy writing process.

The various stages involved in research paper writing

Once you understand the various stages of research paper writing, you will be able to organize your project better and handle it more efficiently as good planning will leave you adequate time for each of the various stages of your research project. Listed below are the most important steps of writing research papers.

Writing a Research Paper1. Study the guidelines of your project thoroughly. An accurate grasp of the guidelines is very important.
2. Find a good research topic. The topic of your research paper is one f those factors which decide the difficulty level of your project.
3. Brainstorm for a good thesis. A fresh and authentic thesis is vital to the success of a research paper.
4. Identify good and credible sources for research on your topic. Strong sources will add credibility to your argument, making it easier for you to convince your audience.
5. Choose the most appropriate methodology for research. Only the ideal methodology will bring the best out of your topic.
6. Schedule your research and writing process. Do this with due regard to your familiarity with the topic, the availability of sources and the deadline.
7. Research on your topic and pick the most relevant points. Irrelevant points will give rise to digressions and distract your audience from the focal point of your paper.
8. Prepare an outline with the points collected. There are no restrictions regarding the format of your outline but choose a format which you can follow.
9. Develop a rough draft from the outline. The rough draft should be somewhat of the same length as prescribed in the project guidelines.
10. Format your paper as per the specifications of the documentation style you are using. Make sure that all the references are in place.
11. Edit and proof read the document thoroughly. Comb the paper for any grammatical, structural or spelling mistakes.
12. Prepare the final draft. If you have time, try to proof read the document once again before submitting.

Writing a research paper need not be a stressful task at all, if you go about the process in an organized manner. It will not only help you meet the deadline without much trouble; it will also help you in bringing out the best in you as you will be in a more relaxed frame of mind.

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