Tips on writing abstracts for research papers

A research paper document has various components; some mandatory and some optional. The inclusion of the optional components often depends on the academic level of the student and the topic in question. The abstract is never omitted in scholarly research papers but when it comes to academic research papers, it is presented only on demand. Most teachers prefer to include it in the projects they assign to their students. An abstract not only helps the reader to get an idea of the contents but it also helps them in following the paper more easily. Writing abstracts for research papers is not difficult if you have an idea of the basic formats used for research paper abstracts.

The two types of abstracts

Writing an Abstract for a Research Paper   Before writing an abstract for a research paper, you must first determine the type of abstract you would be preparing. Research paper abstracts can be classified into two, based on their formats: the informative abstracts and the descriptive abstracts. If your assignment guidelines don’t specify the type of abstract to be submitted, you may choose any one that suits your project. But, in order to be able to choose the appropriate abstract, you must know what each type of abstract is and how it must be prepared.

• The descriptive abstract: The term ‘descriptive’ misleads you into believing that it is a long description of the contents of the paper. But, ironically, a descriptive abstract is the shortest form of abstract which will consist of just around 100 words or less. A descriptive abstract does not touch upon any of the key points. It just generally talks about what the paper is all about. The topic and research question itself would make a reasonable descriptive abstract. You may mention the methodology also in the abstract but the conclusive report or the results of your research must not be included in this type of abstract.

• The informative abstract: This type of abstract is longer and more informative than the descriptive abstract. Coming close to 10% of the original document in length, an informative abstract is a complete summary of the work. While writing abstracts for research papers in the informative format, you will need to ensure that all the key points, including the thesis, the methods, the sources, the evidence and the research paper conclusion, are included. It will not be easy to prepare an effective informative abstract as so much information needs to be summarized into not more than 10% of the length of the document. Informative abstracts can be prepared only after you finish writing the research paper.

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