Understanding the basics of APA research paper format

APA format, developed by the American Psychological Association, is highly preferred by social sciences. There are strict rules regarding the formatting of an APA term paper. Hence, it is necessary that students who need to work on this format frequently must keep a formatting guide in handy. It is not possible to remember all the clauses and conditions of the APA style. Besides, APA keeps updating their formatting rules. Hence, without referring to the latest manual, it will not be possible to ascertain all the applicable rules of APA term paper format.

There are certain basic aspects which are somewhat stable in the APA style. Knowing these aspects will make it easier for you to follow your guidelines. The main points to remember about the various components of an APA style term paper are as follows:

The title page:

• Should include the title, the name of the author, the course name and the name of the professor.
• Should contain a running head, which would be a part of the complete title, placed on the right hand top corner of the page. The running head is a unique feature of the APA term paper format.
• The page number should appear next to the running head.

The main document:

• All pages should have the running head on the top right hand corner, followed by the page number.
• The font should be Times New Roman or any of the fonts which is used for official documentation as is easily decipherable.
• The preferred font size is 10-12pt.
• The use of footnotes, for citation purposes, is strictly forbidden in APA format. Footnotes are allowed only for the purpose of giving additional information on any of the parts of the text.
• In-text citations or parenthetical references are required. The surname of the author and the page number should be given in brackets. This should tally with the information given in the reference list.

The reference list:

• An APA format term paper bibliography list is to be given the heading of ‘References’.
• The names are to be arranges alphabetically as per the surnames of the authors.
• This list should tally perfectly with the parenthetical references given within the text.
• The reference list is the most important part of a research paper and should not be omitted or wrongly presented, at any cost.

Writing a term paper in the APA term paper format can be a bit difficult as there are strict rules regarding various aspects of the term paper. APA format is not very flexible and all the instructions are to be followed unless instructed otherwise by your professor.

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