Understanding the formats for writing term papers

Term paper writing is one of those assignments which no students can escape as it marks their progress in education. Because of the importance of the results of term papers in their academic reports, students often panic when it is time to deal with a term paper. But, quite unfortunately, panicking makes the situation even worse. Due to the paranoia caused by the assignment, students fail to perform well even on being good in their studies. But there are a few things which can be done to avoid such a situation. Understanding the format for writing a term paper is one of them.

Various term paper formats are used for the purpose, depending on the subject and the nature of the assignment. But there are certain basic elements which remain the same as those are the basic aspects of impressive term paper writing. Even if you don’t know all the formats for writing term papers, knowing these few points would help you a lot in easing the stress of the assignment.

• The structure: All term paper assignments require the same basic structure which comprises of an introduction, the thesis statement, the body paragraphs and a conclusion. The introduction must clearly define the topic, the scope of the topic and the nature of research. The research thesis statement must, in one sentence, state the theory you are working on. It should be the last line of the introductory paragraph. It must be a bold and confident statement as it is the focal point of your term paper. The body paragraphs would elaborately discuss all the aspects of the research. And the conclusion will wind up the discussion effectively after reinstating the thesis as was stated in the introduction.

• The components: There are various components to a term paper, some of which are mandatory and some others optional. The mandatory components include the research paper title page, the term paper with all the structural elements and the bibliographic reference page. The literature review, the methodology chapter etc are optional and is to be added only if asked for by your instructor. You must study the guidelines of your term paper clearly before determining which all optional components should be included.

format for writing a term paper• The format: In almost all the formats for writing term papers, the basic format is quite similar. The margins are usually to be of an inch on each side. The font is to be Times New Roman or any of the similar ones which are used for official purposes. The font size ranges between 10pt to 12pt. Most term papers are to be typed double spaced. Even though these are the standard dimensions, it is important that you comb the guidelines for any specific instructions regarding the same.

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