The choice of a good topic influences the outcome of a term paper a lot. There are many factors which form the criteria of the suitability of a topic. Understanding those aspects and applying them will help you find the most suitable one for your project. Marketing term papers are not exactly easy to handle. And an unwise choice of topic will make it even more difficult. Hence you must consider every aspect while handling term papers.

The perfect topic for the particular assignment can be determined only after reading the instructions in the guidelines. But there are certain topics that can be considered as per your project requirements.

• Market surveys: Studying a particular market and its preferences related to a particular product is the main tool for preparing marketing strategies. Hence that can be an option of topic for you to use for your marketing term paper. You can choose a particular market and study its needs and requirements and potential from a marketing point of view.

• Business failure: Another option is to choose a particular product which failed in the market and study the causes of failure from the perspective of marketing. You can find out whether the marketing strategies used for the product was what caused its failure and prepare a report on what could have been done to change the situation positively.

• Launching and promoting a product: Considering the competition in the marketing industry, the marketing plans start long before the product is launched in the market. You may prepare a plan to launch an imaginary product and the various marketing plans you would prepare for it in relation to the market the product is aimed at.

• Promoting an existing product: There are certain products which exist without making it to the top. These would not be total failures but their survival in the market would be too feeble to be acknowledged. For your marketing term paper, you may choose one such product and prepare a plan on what could be done to bring it to the top of the list.

• The various marketing methods: With the unbelievable growth of media, marketing has also got upgraded from banners or hoardings to methods which reach out to the audience in a better way. You may choose to do a comparison assignment on the various marketing methods that exist and present a thesis on which one is more effective and why.

• Forceful marketing: Telemarketing or call-center marketing can easily be termed as forceful marketing as the details of the project is delivered to the customer without any request from the client’s side. Even though it used to be appreciated at a point of time, it has become a menace in today’s world. Numerous calls about unwanted products and unorganized telemarketing organizations who repeatedly call the same person about the same product have made telemarketing a complete nuisance. It sometimes affects the product negatively as nobody likes to be forced to listen to others. You can do a detailed study of where the whole idea of telemarketing went wrong, for your marketing term paper. You can prepare a report on how it can be worked out in a better way.

An interesting topic will make your marketing term paper project a very interesting one. It will also make it appealing to the audience or readers. If you are short of time, you can also opt to get a custom term paper done on your topic for your marketing assignment.