The various term paper cover page formats

Even after working on numerous term paper assignments, there are very few students who manage to do it the perfect way. And unfortunately, they lose more marks for poor formatting and presentation than inadequate content. After putting in so much effort to research on the term paper topic, it is simply not worth it to ignore the fine formatting details of the different sections of the document and lose marks for that. Each and every section of a term paper has to be formatted as per the project guidelines and the style rules. The first and most prominent part of a term paper is its cover page; and each of the various documentations styles has its own unique term paper cover page format.

The cover page of a term paper is what catches the eye of the reader first. And that makes it important for you to pay attention to the way you present it. There are specific instructions regarding the cover page in all style manuals. Hence you need to refer to the latest edition of the style manual while formatting the cover page of your term paper. The term paper cover page formats of the two most commonly used academic writing styles, the MLA style and the APA style, would be as follows.

APA style

Term Paper Cover Page FormatWhile formatting the cover page as per the APA term paper format, it would be better if you separate the page into four portions. The lines can be removed later. The APA style has prescribed its preferred term paper cover page format like this:

• Running head placed on the top right hand corner alongside the page number.
• The title of the document printed, centrally aligned, a few spaces downwards from the top. On a sheet which is separated into four portions, using three lines, type the title along the first line.
• The name of the author to appear along the second line or, in other words, aligned centrally, vertically and horizontally.
• The course title, the name of the instructor and the date should be typed one below the other, double spaced, in the last quarter of the page.

MLA style

MLA style prefers the term paper cover pages or title pages to be a part of the first page of the term paper. The style also offers the option of a separate cover page which must be applied only if specified in the project guidelines. A normal MLA style cover page must:

• Be printed on the top quarter of the first page of the term paper.
• Have the surname of the author and the page number printed on the top right hand corner.
• Have the full name of the author, the professor’s name, the class and the date printed one below the other, double spaced, from the top, aligned to the left.
• Have the title printed centrally aligned, along the line which would separate the top quarter of the sheet.

The other commonly used documentation styles like the Chicago style, the Harvard style etc also have their own term paper cover page formats. A copy of the latest edition of the style must be referred to, while the title page is being formatted. If you wish to get your title page or your term paper formatted by professionals, we can do it for you. We also offer custom term papers, prepared by highly experienced academic writers, to students who wish to avail of the service.