Some options of term paper outline formats

Term papers are best when developed from an outline. Many students do not understand the functions of an outline and therefore omit it. But once you know how much easier your task would be with an outline, then you will never even try to prepare a term paper without one. There are various types of term paper outline formats. You may choose any one of them which you prefer.

But before looking around for suitable term paper outline formats, you must understand the purpose of an outline. A term paper outline organizes and categorizes the various points into the various structural components. You will be developing your term paper from this outline which would be a well organized list of the points to be included in your assignment. Even though many students make the mistake of omitting this integral part of the term paper writing procedure, the wiser ones never do that. A term paper outline, even though not mandatory, is one of the most useful tools while preparing a term paper.

One of your options of the outline format would be to lay it out as per the structural components and their contents.


• Topic
• Research problem
• Nature of the problem
• Scope of the problem
• Background information
• Thesis statement

Body paragraphs:


• Link to the introduction
• First main point
• Definition and examples
• Transit to the next point in the second body paragraph


• Second main point
• Elaboration and discussion
• Evidence and examples
• Transit to the third body paragraph


• Third main point
• Explanation and justification
• Link to the conclusion


• Summary of the main points
• Generalized mention of the supportive elements.
• Reinstating of the thesis.
• Wind up.

The points to be included in these would depend completely upon your topic and the assignment. You might need to add more body paragraphs or include more information and points in the various structural elements as per the specific requirements of your assignment. There is another option of term paper outline format you can try for your term paper. Try laying out the outline as per the various elements of the term paper.

1. Title of the term paper
2. Research Problem
3. Thesis
4. First main point
5. Second main point
6. Third main point
7. Cited information
8. Sources

The choice of term paper outline format must be as per your understanding of the process. There are situations where students get confused about the outline they created at the stage of preparing the final draft. In order to avoid that situation, you must choose such an outline which you understand well enough. If you are not sure of the format you want to use, you may get an outline prepared specifically for your term paper from us. We can also prepare a custom term paper for you, if you wish to opt for it. Our writers are well-experienced in the field of academic writing and they will be able to prepare an outstanding term paper for you.