What to know while choosing a term paper outline sample

Term paper writing is a rather tedious procedure and is best when handled in an organized way. As the procedure is too long and the students have other educational commitments also to attend to, they sometimes cut down the procedure by omitting certain steps. One such step which gets omitted often is the outline. But unfortunately it is one part which shouldn’t be omitted at any cost. Outlining might be difficult for those who don’t know how it works and how to frame it. Referring to term paper outline samples and guides can help you understand the method of framing it.

Referring to just any outline sample wouldn’t help you. Outlines are of various types and each type of term paper should have an outline which serves its purpose. A basic outline would touch upon the following points and place them into their respective structural elements neatly:

1. The points to be included in the abstract.
2. The literature review.
3. The topic and the necessary background information.
4. The research problem or question.
5. The scope of the research problem.
6. The solution or the thesis.
7. The methodology of research and the specific instruments used.
8. The points which are to be elaborated in each of the body paragraphs.
9. The points which needs to be summarized in the conclusion.
10. The sources to be cited.

Once these points are laid out in an outline, it will be much easier for you to develop the research paper from it. But you might need to add more points to this basic frame as per the requirements of your assignment. If you are planning to refer to a term paper outline sample, you must make sure that it is a suitable one. The sample you choose must be:

• Suited for the purpose or objective of your research. This must be determined as per the type of term paper you are writing.
• One with all the optional structural elements asked for by your instructor. For example: literature review.
• Preferably one that has been prepared on a topic which belongs to the same subject area as yours.
• Must be a well-framed one. Look for those prepared by credible writers sometime recently. The older patterns might not be as good as the latest ones.
• Must be comprehensible. Term paper outline samples with examples of the various components would be easier to understand than one without examples.

A poorly presented outline sample will not help you in anyway. Moreover, an outline sample which was not prepared for your assignment may not suit it fully. With such samples, you will need to put in some effort to alter it the way it would serve your purpose.

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