Examples of interesting term paper topics

Term paper assignments are something that no student can escape during the period of their education. At the end of each term they will be expected to submit term papers on the topic of their choice, which comes within the permitted limits. If you are facing a term paper assignment and is yet to choose a topic, there is no need to panic at all. It is not impossible to find good term paper topics, if you know what is expected of you and what you must look for.

You can pick some hints on what is expected of the given assignment, from the guidelines and from the lectures which precede the assignment. If the topic is pre-assigned, then you need not worry about the suitability of the topic. But if you are asked to choose a topic, it is understood that your teacher is aiming at testing your ability to comprehend the objective of the assignment.

Here are some examples of term paper topics which you can consider:


1. The role of society in the rising number of divorces.
2. The ways by which the religious influences shape up the social environment of a region.
3. The status of women in a particular tribal society.
4. The social causes for the low level of success of women liberation movements.


1. The character analysis of any of the famous characters in literature.
2. A comparative analysis of two authors of a certain era and an assessment of their successes and failures.
3. The interpretation of a poem.
4. A critical study of the literature of a certain period.

Medical sciences:

1. Eliminating the side effects of a particular composition.
2. Studying the role of heredity in a particular disease.
3. An effective remedy for cancer or AIDS.
4. The effect of music therapy on certain diseases.

Political science:

1. The methods of checking political uncertainties in certain regions.
2. The causes of unexpected political violence in a particular country.
3. The causes of the political chaos in under developed nations.
4. The link between political conditions and the economy of a country.

There are numerous topics available for research on all subjects. Your challenge would be to choose a term paper topic that is most suitable for you and your project. Understanding the objective of your assignment would help you a lot in choosing the most appropriate topic. Going through the guidelines to check whether there are any specifications regarding the choice of topic is very important.

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