Finding a suitable term paper topic idea

Term paper writing can be a daunting task if you have not found an interesting topic which suits your assignment and your interests alike. Since there are so many factors related to the choice of a suitable topic, which are specific to each assignment, nobody can suggest a perfect term paper topic idea without seeing the instructions given in the guidelines of the specific assignment. But you must check out topic listings, presented by others on the internet, to figure out your options.

In order to find a good topic, you will first need to know where to look for it. Having an idea of a generalized area of topics to search in, will help you find your topic faster. Listed below, are good term paper topic ideas which might help you find a good one for yourself.


• The biography of an author with focus on his or her works or achievements.
• Interpreting a poem through a unique perspective which is different from what has been done so far.
• Preparing a character analysis of any of the characters of a novel, play or a poem.
• The merits and flaws of the literature of a particular period, with the focus either on the works of the period or on the authors and poets of that era.


• The different ways in which the political situation in a region affects its social structure.
• The social behavior of a particular tribe and the related aspects.
• The reason why feminist movements are not managing to make much of a change in the male dominant society.
• The link between the social and mythological aspects of a particular society.


• Any of the major conflicts recorded in history.
• The major wars and their impact on the various nations.
• The different ways in which the history of a nation influences its future.
• A study of any of the historical figures.


• The loopholes in the law against child trafficking.
• The feasibility of laws against euthanasia.
• An argument on why rapists should be given the same kind of punishment as murderers.
• The leniency in divorce laws are helpful or harmful – a study.


• The psychological impact rape has on a child.
• The best counseling methods for people suffering from fatal illnesses.
• The efficiency of music therapy in psychological treatment.
• The psychological aspects which gives rise to the superior feeling in men.

Interesting term paper topic ideas are in abundance. But finding one which suits you and your assignment objectives is not an easy task. But considering the influence your topic has on the outcome of your term paper, it is better to dedicate some time for it.

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