Prescriptive thesis is not a very familiar word to many students because prescription researches are not so common among academic assessments. For this type of research paper you will give a suggestion for the improvement or correction of a given topic. Since the research paper of this nature is based on logical or creative thinking and circumstantial evidence, it is not easy to handle such an assignment successfully.

Even though it sounds like an easy job to make suggestions or prescribe solutions, one should not forget that these suggestions should be backed up by relevant arguments and good proof from existing factors. Without those, it will merely be a suggestion and not a research paper. A prescriptive research paper not only prescribes remedies but also explains why it could work as a solution for the issue. It shows, through detailed explanation, how the prescribed method would work in the situation.

Since there is no solid base for your arguments as you are discussing the future actions here, it will be a tough job to make others understand and appreciate your prescription. For that you will have to do a detailed background study of the topic in question. To be able to prescribe a remedy, you need to understand the situation very well. You should also have a strong solution to state. Even though it is not a proven fact that you are presenting, you still need to give a thesis statement which will clearly state what you are going to talk about.

To understand the suggested solution the audience will first need to get a grasp of the situation. For that purpose you will have to use a step-by-step procedure whereby you will first explain the situation, state the solution and then explain why it would be an effective solution. You will need to gather enough points to prove that the method you are suggesting would work to solve the issue. This is where research would become necessary. Only through extensive research you will be able to get enough points to prove your prescriptive thesis. And, again, owing to the fact that the solution is based on assumptions, you will need excellent sources to support your theory. Choose authoritative sources to back you up as weak sources will make your idea sound less impressive.

You will have to use persuasion techniques as well to stress upon your prescribed solution. It will need to be used only towards the last part of your paper where you will be emphasizing on your theory. It will help your thesis even more if you can prove that there is no chance by which your suggested remedy could go wrong or not work. Only a prescription which leaves no space for doubt or uncertainty can impress the audience.

Writing a prescriptive research paper can be a challenge as all kinds of suggestions are susceptible to getting questioned. Only the most appropriate sources and excellent arguments can see you through such an assignment. If you wish to avail of expert assistance in completing your research paper, our writers shall be able to help you.