Matters to consider while referring to sample thesis topics

Many students are unaware of how to use samples appropriately, whether those are sample theses or sample thesis topics. And this ignorance often leads them to big trouble. Some of them also make the mistake of choosing a topic out of the sample list for their purpose, without even checking whether it is suitable for their project or not. The only way to ensure that the samples are coming more to your help than harm is to remember a few things while studying or checking out samples of thesis topics.

  • Samples are meant to give you an idea of what kind of topics can be used. It often happens that, when given the liberty to choose the thesis topic, students feel lost, not knowing where to start and what to look for. Taking a look at some samples would give them a better understanding of the instructions in the guidelines regarding the topic.
  • Sample topics are not always topics which are available for research. Some of them might have been available at some point of time. But sample lists do not always get updated, the way official records do. Hence choosing a topic out of a list of sample will not give you the guarantee on the availability of the topic.
  • Sample topics are a random list of research topics which are picked generally from all subjects without any specific objective. But your thesis will definitely have a very specific aim and for the same reason, a sample thesis topic will, more than often, be inappropriate to be used for your thesis.
  • Sometimes you will find sample topics in your assignment guidelines itself. But again, if it is mentioned that it is a sample, then your professor must have given it to make sure that all the students understand the criteria of choosing the topic, well enough. Always remember that a ‘sample’ is something that is used to give you an idea of the actual object or matter. It is not meant for your use.
  • You might find many types of topic samples on the internet. There will also be topics which are classified into the respective subjects. If you are checking out the list of sample topics for a particular subject, do not follow it blindly. Not all sample lists follow the fine boundaries between subjects. If in doubt, confirm from someone knowledgeable that the sample topics you are referring to, belong within your subject area.
  • A sample thesis topic must be used only for reference purposes and that too, after due consideration of its suitability. Knowing how to use samples is necessary while handling academic assignments. Samples can do as much harm as good, if used inappropriately.

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