Making it easier to write a thesis.

The word thesis used to scare me. I am someone who values my leisure time enough to feel concerned about a chunk going missing from it. I was advised, by many friends and well wishers, to take an MA in literature and get a Ph.D.

This is about 10 years back. Those days, in my part of the world, internet had not yet become a tough competition for food, water and O2.

Students who were, at the time, pursuing a doctorate, used to carry around books the size of small fish tanks and run to the college library or the library next to our college, which was a better one, even during the shortest of breaks.

It used to frustrate me to see the way they remained buried in those books even while having lunch and to see the way it startled them to have someone address them. They were so completely lost in those books they were reading, that it took them a few minutes to connect back to the world they were living in.

One of my friends, who was preparing a research paper, used to go without food or water all day simply because she had no time to waste for anything that didn’t benefit her thesis. Food and water, apparently, were not in the list.

Thus was how the word ‘research’ registered in my mind – a tedious, extremely time-consuming process. Hence anyone who even suggested that I got a doctorate, became my enemies till they consented to change the topic. I was not going to give up all that I loved to do, for a doctorate. The idea simply didn’t appeal to me.

Now do not misunderstand that I considered them all, who were preparing a thesis, crazy. I appreciate the fact that everyone has their own preferences. And considering that, I can see a hundred reasons why someone could wish to get a Ph.D. I, actually, admire them for what they are capable of. That is absolute dedication.

I knew I simply didn’t have it in me. I like to enjoy whatever I am doing and I hate time limits. Writing a research paper would have been okay with me if it had not come with a deadline. That way I would not have been forced to give up all that I liked to do, for the sake of preparing the thesis. But since that was not the case, it was nowhere in my ‘things I want to do’ list.
Times have changed now. Internet is a bottomless ocean of information. There is nothing that you can’t ‘Google’ out from internet. I would say, with internet so efficient, there is nothing that could be described as a difficult task now. Not even doing a research.
You will find hundreds of websites offering help with your thesis and even those that offer custom research papers according to your preferences. If you boast of being someone who will never take help from anyone else, then forget that I ever mentioned it. But once you are ready to start writing the research paper, what is the harm in getting it done according to your own preferences, thus relieving yourself of what could turn out to be a tedious job for you?