Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

How does work?

When you order a specific writing assignment to be made, your request is first assessed by our experts. Then they identify and assign a specialized writer from our pool of writers to your project. For more information check the How it works section of the website.

What customer services will be available to me?

We specialize in delivering total and complete customer satisfaction. From the moment you place an order with us and til your receive the final document copy; our highly trained customer service representatives are there to address all your queries. Check out the following brief list of features that we offer:
You can track the status of your order anytime you like.
You can send in your ideas, suggestions, references, citations and remarks that you want to be incorporated in your custom academic paper.
At any point in time you can anonymously communicate with the particular writer working on your assignment.
We always make a point of having a backup file of your completed order in our archive. So if you happen to lose or misplace your copy, all you need to do is tell us about it. We will send you the backup document promptly and charge free. However after 45 days from the date of the delivery the replacement version will be erased from our archives permanently.

How do I place an order for a custom academic paper?

To place an order for a custom academic paper, just go to our order page and fill in the necessary fields. After filling in the form you can also upload an attachment stating the specific requirements for the project.

When will I be able to receive my work?

Generally, the deadline for the final delivery of the order is set according to the kind of order you make. A dissertation paper will take more time to be completed than a standard custom essay. However, we also offer emergency services when the order will be delivered to you in a deadline as short as 24 hrs.

How will I receive my completed paper?

The final and complete version of your custom paper will be made available via your account on our website or sent to your email address in the form of a Microsoft Word document attachment.

How do I make the payment?

Major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Debit cards – we have almost all possible online transaction modes available at our website.

What happens if I do not receive my order by the deadline?

In case of non-delivery money will be refunded. However, we have rarely had such incidents.

How secure is the transaction process? Do you store my credit card data at your end?

Our company is strictly committed to protecting your privacy of data. All the online transactions are processed through the secure and reliable online payment systems provided by, It protects you from risk of having your credit card data disclosed to any third parties. We update our security software on the daily basis to avoid invasion and violation of your privacy.

Can you fix my paper once i got comments from my Uni?

We value your precious time and in case of some comments from your end regarding completed assignment we will be glad to provide you with unlimited revisions to meet your expectations properly and of high standards.

What are your business hours?

We have the most loyal and committed stuff and writers’ network open for interactive communication 24/7.

No publication/no resale promise – we never ever sell your works on!

All your personal information, orders details and instructions, completed assignment is covered by our confidentiality statement – it will never ever be revealed, resold or undertaken to any illegal actions against you, our valuable Customer. Our company will never sell, distribute, publish or otherwise act with your completed work.

How do you deal with frauds online?

In order to protect our customers from any sort of fraud, unauthorized usage or any other illegal actions related to credit cards and bank accounts we implement a verification procedure that helps minimize the probability of those occurrences. If any questions from our Risk Department we will contact you accordingly.

What formats can you create my paper in?

These are the main and most popular: .xl, .doc, .tft, .ppt, .pdf etc.