Research Proposal is a Cornerstone of Your Research

Tackling the predicament of writing a research proposal

A dissertation or a thesis form an integral part of a student’s academic career. Either of these papers has a major impact on students’ academic performance. In fact, the overall success of a person’s postgraduate academic career depends on the quality and relevance of their academic research papers. However, prior to the main project writing it is vital to create the research proposal for the project. It should be strong, persuasive and relevant in order to get the necessary approval from your supervisor. Creating a brief but interesting research proposal is quite intricate, so it is advisable that you choose an expert custom writing company to guide you through the process.

What things to consider before writing

The requirements for the academic works vary greatly from one educational institution to another and of course from discipline to discipline. However, there are certain points you need to consider prior to writing. First of all, narrow down the topic you’ve chosen. In a research proposal one needs to clearly state the research question or hypothesis. Make sure that the project proposal you will create displays a unique perspective on the topic instead of a general one. By doing a thesis or dissertation, you actually make a valuable contribution to the field of knowledge, so don’t forget to think over the results you reckon for. In addition, check the literature availability and relevance, whether there really is something to base your research on. Take into account, that your supervisor will also demand a detailed rationale for the research.

The necessary constituents of the research proposal

Everyone is aware of the parts or sections mandatory to be present in a proposal, but we know that many of you wonder what exactly to write in those sections. To get some insights read the following guidelines.

1. In a background or introduction part you should state the topic, offer a thesis statement and provide a rationale for the research. Then include a proposition for a research paper (thesis or dissertation) title. In general, this is a section where you have to show that you’ve got good knowledge on the topic in question and can logically argue why the research should be conducted.

2. In literature review you need to support your research endeavour by providing an analysis of literature which has been already published on your topic. You also should point out how these past works lead to and denote the unanswered questions you are going to deal with.

3. In the methodology section of the research proposal, mention what research materials you will use. Futhermore, state how you will collect and process the data and what equippment you’ll need.

4. You are required to produce budgeting calculation, timeline and dissemination sections as well. Regarding the timeline, make a detailed plan on how much time you will need and what exactly you will do during every time period. Dissemination part should contain the information relating to the ways you will distribute the results of your project and to the possible publishing of them.

The process of creating an impressive custom research proposal for you

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